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Robbery Cases

When someone steals something from someone by using force or threatening to use force the crime is called a robbery.

robbery by sudden snatch is punishable by up to five years in jail.

A robbery without a weapon, strong arm robbery, is punishable by up to fifteen years in jail.

A robbery with a weapon like a knife or mace is punishable by up to thirty years in jail.

robbery with a firearm is punishable by life. See our overview of firearms offenses for discussion of minimum sentence that will be offered by the State.

Did you know?

The most common defense to robbery cases is false identification. Studies show that witness identification is the most unreliable form of evidence, but it is used as the sole basis of criminal convictions every day. A seasoned defense attorney will know exactly how to attack issues involving suggestive photo lineups and show ups.

The State does not have to produce the gun in your case to charge you with robbery with a firearm. If a witness says you used a firearm, the state can charge you with that offense without ever finding a gun. You or your loved one could sit in jail for months because of someone else’s exaggeration.

Have you been accused of a robbery offense?

Teresa Williams was assigned to the Robbery Unit while she was the state attorney in Miami. She knows what State needs to prove their case and how to tear it down like a stack of cards. Call now to schedule a free consultation with Teresa Williams to see if the State can prove the allegations against you.

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